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  • メロディー幼稚園
  • タイ幼稚園 กรุงเทพฯอนุบาล
  •  バンコク幼稚園
 メロディー幼稚園  Melodies International Kindergarten

Introduce our kindergarten

 タイ幼稚園   バンコク幼稚園
タイ幼稚園   バンコク幼稚園

Kindergarten’s Motto

Happy, strong, and independence

Having a healthy body and mind


Being diligence and hardworking for any achievement


Being able to self-manage and solve problems independently


Educational policy

Melodies International kindergarten and nursery were established in 1981 as a nursery for Japanese families resided in Bangkok, Thailand. We then, moved to Sukummvit 38 in a lush and quiet area. We received a license to operate as an international kindergarten from Thailand’s Ministry of Education. Currently we have both international and Japanese section.

Melodies International Kindergarten and Nursery promotes children learning that focused on multicultural awareness and their development in social physical and mental areas. From the one and half years old to 6 years old, we support children to learn independently with a closed collaboration with their families. Our curriculum supports the unique environment of the children who receive participating in daily activities at the Kindergarten.

タイ幼稚園   バンコク幼稚園
タイ幼稚園   バンコク幼稚園
タイ幼稚園   バンコク幼稚園

From director, Dr. Promjawan Udommana

"Wishing children to grow healthy and happily"

This is what all parents whish and it is as same as us who involve in early childhood education. As a pioneer in the field, Melodies has a very long history as a Japanese kindergarten in Thailand. Since my mother Mrs. Shompoonut Lee established the kindergarten in 1981, I have been involving with Melodies in various forms. Now, we have nine classes in the Japanese section and four classes in the international section. We have more than four thousand graduates since our establishment.

Our goals are to raise children to be happy, strong, and independent. We have been putting an effort on how to look at the children in the multidimensional ways. “Looking” and “seeing” is very different. In order to be able to deeply look at the children and understand who they really are, we need to know what children are interested in and what challenges that they are facing. We use various tools to reflect our practices by observing their participation in every day’s activities. We also make new discoveries with children and grow together with them. To support children who receive education overseas, we create the original curriculum that has been crafted through our experience working with families for thirty-nine years. I am very proud to be able to gain trust from parents who choose to send their children to our Melodies.

Director’s profile
2002 B.A. in Educational Psychology, WASEDA University, Japan
2006 M.A. in Developmental Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University, U.S.A.
2011 PhD. Education, University of California, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

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